Reusable Eco-Friendly Straws

Hive a hand to the environment with this reusable Eco-Friendly Metal Straws with Cleaning Brush!

USD 8.99USD 9.95

A with bagA with bag
B with bagB with bag
Black with bagBlack with bag
blue with bagblue with bag
C with bagC with bag
Colorful AColorful A
Colorful BColorful B
Colorful CColorful C
Colorful with bagColorful with bag
E with bagE with bag
Gold with bagGold with bag
Kids with bagKids with bag
purple bagpurple bag
Rose GoldRose Gold
Rose gold with bagRose gold with bag


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Reusable Eco-Friendly Straws DETAILS

  • Type: Strwas
  • Material: Steel

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Reusable Eco-Friendly Straws QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

What makes your Reusable Eco-Friendly Straws competitive?
Our manufacturing procedures and production resources meet the highest industry standards, thus, assuring the top quality of the Stainless Steel Straws With Cleaner.

Do the colors in the photos match the real ones?
All the colors shown on our Stainless Steel Straws With Cleaner pictures are accurate. However, remember that the shade you see on your screen depends on your device specifications and other technical factors.

Where is the price for this? How much do I pay?
The price for a single product is USD 8.99.

Can I afford your Reusable Metal Straws?
Having completed our market research, we assure you it will be challenging to find something of identical quality for a lower price than USD 8.99.

Do you mind posting a photo of your product on Facebook or Instagram?
We are always happy when our customers share photos and videos of our goods online, so enjoy your new product to the fullest!

Could I get a refund if this item doesn’t meet my expectations?
If the items you purchase leave you unhappy, just let us know to take note of our future actions and provide you with a refund.


Reusable Eco-Friendly Straws ORDERING & STORE POLICIES

Can you make it so I can receive three of these simultaneously?
Even if your order includes several units, they should come simultaneously so you can pick them up in one go.

Can you assure me that my Stainless Steel Straws With Cleaner will arrive safe and sound?
Your orders are packed so that the risks of damage are minimized.

I accidentally ordered the wrong color. How can I change the order details? Or should I cancel it?
There’s no reason to worry because you can change your order or cancel it by contacting our support team.

Can I buy the Eco-Friendly Stainless Straws right now?
You are welcome to place your order, as we have enough of these in stock.

You got my attention. However, is your store reliable?
As you can see from our buyers’ reviews, there is nothing to worry about. We value our online reputation and do our best to treat the buyers with the highest quality service.

Do you sell Reusable Eco-Friendly Straws on a legal basis?
All our products, including the Stainless Steel Straws With Cleaner, are distributed legally. In other words, you have no reason to worry.



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Reusable Eco-Friendly Straws
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