Portable USB-Rechargeable Smoothie Blender

Would you like to enjoy some fresh and delicious smoothies? Now you can do just that anywhere, anytime!

With our fantastic portable smoothie blender, you can make tasty smoothies or juices at the park, your job, school, or anywhere your smoothie carving pops up!

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Size: bottom diameter 8*22.5cm

Capacity: 380ml

Number of blades: 4 and 6.

Weight: 460g

Product packaging: Juice cup + color box.



Note on the juice cup:

  • First, charging: the first use to set more than 3 hours, 8 hours is better. Otherwise, it is accessible to a power shortage or not.
  • Second, tighten: the cup body and the base must be drawn to rotate because the cup body and the bottom have an invisible protection switch; only the cup body can be tightened to reach the convenient working state.
  • Third, fruit: fruit must be cut into small pieces of 1.5 cm
  • Fourth, add water: After putting the fruit, you must add one-half of the water or milk of the amount of fruit, do not dry, easy to burn the motor. (Unless you have a lot of water, such as watermelon, you don’t need water).
  • Switch: The cup should be inverted, and the switch should be turned up before the head is turned up (otherwise, the blade is quickly caught by the fruit, the card machine does not turn). After the inverted position, it should be shaken about 45 degrees, and the juice extraction effect will be good. Mix a variety of fruits and vegetables.


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How can I be sure the Rechargeable Mini Blender can beat the competition?
Our manufacturing procedures and production resources meet the highest industry standards, thus, assuring the top quality of the Portable Smoothie Blender.

Can I get another Color and Specification of this item?
In the Portable Smoothie Blender description, you can see the relevant data on the available product variations. So choose anything you like.

How much does it cost?
Thank you for being so interested! The price is USD 15.99.

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We have analyzed the market and cut down our expenses as much as possible. Therefore, we’re positive you won’t find a better price.

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Since it is a very tempting offer, we guarantee this purchase will satisfy you!So get it right now!

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You are free to share any photos and videos of our products because there are no restrictions of this kind.



What do you do to ensure nothing happens to the Rechargeable Blender during shipping?
We’re concerned the most about the safety and security of our clients. So, that’s why we pack our products in the best possible ways.

Can I ask for a refund if my Portable Smoothie Blender package gets damaged or lost?
Please let us know if anything is wrong with your order. We’ll look into the issue closely and fully refund the purchase if there’s transportation damage. So please don’t worry!

I want to place an order now. Can I?
The product is available for purchase; that’s why use ADD TO CART button to order it.

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Choose the product variation you’d prefer and press the ADD TO CART button. Next, fill in your contact details and make your payment as per the instructions. That’s it! We’ll assemble and send the necessary package using your order details.

The products look attractive, but is your store trustworthy?
We value our reputation and want to bring joy to our customers. Check out what our clients tell about us in their reviews, so you can see that they got what they were expecting!

Are you selling these legally?
You can be sure that we obey every legal rule required to sell the Portable Mixer. So, in other words, all our products are legal.


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Blade Material

Stainless Steel.

Charging Method




Container Material


Controls Type

Push Button


Juice Extractor


Turbo Mode


Juicing. Shredded Meat. Stirring

Quality Certification


Number of Speed Settings

Stepless Adjustment

Power (W)


Rotation Rate(RPM)


Voltage (V)


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Portable USB-Rechargeable Smoothie Blender
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