Manual Metal Fruit Juice Squeezer

Would you like a glass of fresh and just-made fruit juice?

With this fantastic manual fruit squeezer, you will easily fill lots of glasses with your favorite juice. Its design makes it practical to take with you anywhere. It does not make any annoying sound, and thanks to its material, it will last for years.

Squeeze your favorite fruits and enjoy a delicious glass of fresh juice!


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  • Capacity: <500ml
  • Weight: 785g
  • Material: Metal

Manual Juice Squeezer Aluminum Alloy Hand Pressure Juicer Pomegranate Orange Lemon Sugar Cane Juice Kitchen Fruit Tool

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Manual Juice Squeezer Aluminum Alloy Hand Pressure Juicer Pomegranate Orange Lemon Sugar Cane Juice Kitchen Fruit Tool

Manual Fruit Juice Squeezer QUESTIONS & ANSWERS

Does this product meet all the manufacturing standards?
All our products, including the Manual Fruit Juice Squeezer, meet the required standards. Moreover, you may look at the feedback from our previous customers and ensure that you’re making the right choice!

Which materials does your supplier use in the production of your Juice Squeezer?
We can assure our clients that the materials used to manufacture the Fruit Juice Squeezer live up to the highest quality requirements. Therefore, they can’t hurt anybody.

The low price casts some doubts. Do you save on the quality of the Fruit Juice Squeezer?
We can set competitive product prices that make our clients happier because we don’t bear significant stock-related expenses.

I’m not sure I’m ready to buy it. Is this the right price?
The decision is yours. However, we are sure that if you compare this price with others on the market, you will realize that this is a tempting offer.

Am I an intelligent shopper if I buy it?
Our store sells products of premium quality only. Meanwhile, our prices are one of the lowest on the market. That’s why all of our customers are happy with their purchases. We’re sure you’ll like the Manual Fruit Juice Squeezer too.

Do you mind if I post a photo of your product on Facebook or Instagram?
Dear client, we don’t mind you posting your photos with our products. Moreover, we’ll highly appreciate it.



Manual Juice Squeezer Aluminum Alloy Hand Pressure Juicer Pomegranate Orange Lemon Sugar Cane Juice Kitchen Fruit Tool


What happens if I buy several of these at once? Will the items come in separate packages?
No worries because if you order several units, they will arrive simultaneously.

Do you have the option of a multiple order?
The number of products you can purchase is unlimited.

Does the delivery always take as long as you state?
We do everything to calculate the delivery time as accurately as possible. However, the external factors influencing your local post office’s performance may result in minor changes in the actual delivery time.

How can I contact you to learn more about my order?
You can quickly contact us through any contact channels listed at the bottom of the page. After that, we’ll reach out to you at short notice and answer all your questions.

Ok, I like the Fruit Juice Squeezer, but can you prove your shop is real?
All the transactions in this store are processed securely, concerning your personal and financial privacy. As you can see from our previous buyers’ experience, we deliver what we promise!

Are you authorized? If I order my Manual Juicer, will I get a legal product?
Our store has the total authorization to distribute all the listed products, including the Fruit Juice Squeezer, so don’t worry.




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Silver, Type A


Manual Juice Squeezer






Automatic Pulp Ejection

Laying Method

Hand Held


Fruit & Vegetable Tools



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