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Lightweight Professional Japanese Steel Knife

This is what every chef needs to have! This amazing Professional Japanese Steel Knife is the best tool to have a complete kitchen!


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  • Handle Material: G10+s/s
  • Item Weight: 113g
  • Feature: Eco-friendly
  • Material: Damascus steel

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Are there more options?
You are welcome to choose from the variations shown on the product page, but make sure to double-check what type of Professional Damascus Steel Knife you’re ordering before confirming it.

Do the colors in the pictures differ from the actual ones?
The colors in the pictures match the actual colors of the Professional Damascus Steel Knife you will receive. However, please, don’t forget that the screen of most devices might slightly distort the true colors.

It costs only $48.95. What’s the catch?
We do our best to reduce the cost of storing, transporting, etc. That’s why we have the opportunity to offer you the best price!

How much do I pay for it?
The Lightweight Professional Japanese Steel Knife will cost you $48.95. We hope you’ll like it.

Is this product suitable for me?
Stay confident! This product is of high quality. Meanwhile, the price is as low as possible.

Does this product have any strengths in the eyes of its previous buyers?
Previous customers have indicated many advantages in this product, and first of all, they mentioned its value for money. You can see the reviews in the “Feedback” section.



Is the package secure?
We do our best to ensure secure and trouble-free delivery. That’s why we use tried-and-tested methods to ensure that you’ll receive your purchase and stay pleased.

I want to order several units of the Professional Damascus Steel Knife. So should I worry about their simultaneous arrival?
You don’t have to worry about the packages splitting up! Because when you order several units of the same item, they arrive all together even if they are packed separately.

Will the shipping time change depending on the payment option I use?
The shipping time does not depend on the payment method you use, so choose any way you like.

Can I buy your Lightweight Professional Japanese Steel Knife right now?
The product is available, so feel free to add it to your cart.

There are tons of other online stores. So why should I buy from you?
We work directly with manufacturers, which is why we can offer affordable prices for all our products. Moreover, we pay much attention to customer service, and our support team is always willing to help you solve any problems.

Do you have a right to sell this kind of product?
We strictly follow the legal regulations obligatory for this sphere when selling these and other items.


Blade Length

3.5"/ 89mm

Knife Length

7.75"/ 197mm

Item Weight


Blade Material

Japanese VG10 Steel

Brand Name

I Need A Clean


Damascus Steel

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