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Wooden Kitchen Playable Set

Make your kid learn while playing with the educational wooden kitchen set, and make the fun never end!


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  • Gender: Unisex
  • Material: Wooden
  • Age range: 2-5 years old

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I got a question about the. Are these all the options I have?
Please, feel free to look at all the variations of our Wooden Kitchen Toy Set. You will find them on the product page.

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All our products, including the Wooden Kitchen Toy Set, live up to the strictest requirements to quality. Apart from that, our goods are fairly priced. As a result, it makes our offers stand out from the others.

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Tax terms depend on your location. Anyway, the final price of your order (including taxes) will be indicated on the checkout page. Thus, no extra fees can be charged after the order confirmation.

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On the checkout page, you will see the total price. This is the final price, so no extra expenses will be necessary.

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Most of our customers were happy with their purchase. Furthermore, they mentioned impressive quality and affordability as the product’s most valued benefits.

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Dear client, we absolutely don’t mind you posting your photos with our products. Moreover, we’ll highly appreciate it.


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Please let us know if anything is wrong with your order. We’ll look into the issue closely and then fully refund the purchase if there’s transportation damage.

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There’s no limit on that, so you have an opportunity to include as many products as you wish in your order.

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There are enough items to place a medium-scale order. However, we would recommend that you make your purchase as soon as possible as we expect the Wooden Kitchen Toy Set stock to run low by the end of the week.

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Feel free to get in touch with our Support team members and describe the situation to them. After that, they will help you with your problem and change or cancel your order.

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Offline stores offer a more limited product range in terms of the available variations. Moreover, they are likely to set higher prices on the same Kitchen Furniture Toy Set.




I Need A Clean


Furniture Toys Set





Package include

9 pieces wooden pretend toy

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