Extreme Clean: Includes 3 Hours. Additional Hours: $40

  • Includes up to 3 fully customizable hours of cleaning for residential, commercial, or industrial use (houses, apartments, condominiums, buildings, offices, hotels, schools, etc.). Extra hours are $40 each.
  • The Extreme Clean employs our “Corner to Corner System”. This system gives you a clean that others simply can’t for your first clean, for one-time cleanings that haven’t been cleaned in over 3 months, or areas that require perfection.
  • Your purchased hours are divided between the number of people we send you. Your cleaner(s) will clean any areas you want to be cleaned, starting with your priorities, until your purchased time runs out.
  • We recommend purchasing more hours than you think you need. If by the end of your cleaning, you still have hours remaining, they will automatically roll over to your next cleaning.
  • Includes an advanced kit of cleaning supplies. This kit includes all supplies, materials, regular solutions, as well as industrial-grade supplies for areas that are hard to clean, and a vacuum.
  • We want you to be happy with the work we do. You may request an initial and a final walkthrough. The initial walkthrough is to let your cleaner(s) know what your priorities are. The final walkthrough is to make sure you’re satisfied with the cleaning done. You must request it before your cleaner(s) leave. If any areas cleaned are not to your standards, your cleaner(s) will clean them again!

On average, each hour is enough to clean 150 to 300 Sq.Ft. depending on the condition. Please add extra time if other tasks like folding, organizing, laundry, etc. are needed.

Original price was: USD 199.00.Current price is: USD 149.95.

The Extreme Clean employs our Corner to Corner System” to give you a clean that others simply can’t for your first clean, for one time cleanings that haven’t been cleaned in over 3 months, or areas that are in need of perfection.


1)Initial Walkthrough: Your cleaning agent(s) will do a walkthrough with you so that you can explain what you need cleaned and what your priorities are.
2) Cleaning of the areas selected: After your initial walkthrough your cleaning agent(s) will get to work. They will try to accomplish as much as possible during your time, starting with your priorities.
3) Final Walkthrough: After your cleaning, you can request a final walkthrough with your cleaning agents to make sure your cleaning met your standards. If there are any areas (from the areas they got to clean during your purchased time) that you would like them to do “touch ups” on, they will gladly do them before they leave. If you’re not home when your cleaning time expires, your cleaning agents will leave and you will be waiving your final walkthrough. We highly recommend you final walkthrough because we want to make sure you are happy with our service. In order to keep our prices low, we cannot offer any refunds or redoes after your cleaning agents leave the location of the cleaning.


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Extreme Clean: Includes 3 Hours. Additional Hours: $40
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