Duckling Brush Set For Toilet

Keep your toilet clean with this fabulous and adorable Duckling Brush Set For Toilet!

Its design will make your bathroom look amazing, and thanks to its ergonomic and practical design every corner of your toilet will be IMPECCABLE.

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  • Colors: White, Blue, Pink & Yellow.
  • Weight: 0.26kg.
  • Material: PP + TPE + APS.
  • Feature: Ergonomic & eco-friendly.
  • Size: 42*10cm.


  1. [360°rubber brush head] The soft TPR (thermoplastic rubber) bristles will not scratch the surface of the toilet. Silicone bristles have good cleaning ability, can enter the edge of the toilet seat, and are a good material against hard water. It does not capture dirt and is easy to clean, does not wear or drop its shape, to maintain a perfect cleaning effect.
  2. [Quick-drying rack] The hollow design of the silicone toilet brush ensures that there are multiple drainage holes. Hidden vents allow the water on the brush to evaporate faster and avoid unpleasant odors.
  3. [Comfortable handle design] The toilet brush handle is made of stainless steel tube and PP material, safe The thick-end non-slip handle design is ergonomic and comfortable to hold, which can the toilet brush from sliding during use, and the long handle design can hand from getting dirty during cleaning. Save energy and cleaning time, making toilet cleaning more efficient and easier.
  4. [Durable and durable] The brush will never wear and deform, keeping the cleaning effect. The soft brush fiber needs to be gentle, the lighter the hand feels, the better the cleaning effect.
  5. [Deep cleaning] The foaming material has good compliance, easy to wipe, and is pressed deep enough to penetrate the gaps and crevices. Designed for deep cleaning on rims and other hard-to-reach places.


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Are the colors real?
The colors of the Duckling Toilet Brush For Bathroom are true, but the screens of different devices may show a bit different shades.

Do you manufacture the products according to all the requirements?
Our store pays particular attention to the quality of the distributed products and their compliance with the manufacturing standards. So, you have no reason to worry about the Duckling Toilet Brush For Bathroom.

If I order your Duckling Toilet Brush Set For Toilet, will any extra fees apply?
On the checkout page, you will see the total price. This is the final price, so no extra expenses will be necessary.

The low price casts some doubts. Do you save on the quality of the Duckling Toilet Brush For Bathroom?
We have done everything possible to cut down the prices for our Bathroom Accessories category and we are glad to know that they seem low enough.

Can I leave my review?
Listening to customers is very important, so it would be great if you could post your reviews on social media!

What’s the best thing about your Duckling Toilet Brush For Bathroom from the previous buyers’ perspective?
According to the feedback of our previous customers, this product has turned out to be an exceptionally great buy because it has lots of advantages which you can see in the “Feedback” section.



Do I have to indicate my address? Can I request the package to be sent somewhere else?
The buyer and the addressee don’t have to match, so we can deliver your package to any place you’ll indicate. Thank you.

What happens if I buy several of these at once? Will the items come in separate packages?
No worries, because if you order several units, they will arrive simultaneously.

Can I expect the Duckling Toilet Brush to be delivered in the same period as you state here?
We do our best to evaluate the necessary shipping time as accurately as possible. Still, some factors like national holidays or local post offices’ time of operation may slightly influence the delivery time.

How can I contact you to learn more about my order?
You are more than welcome to contact our support team through any of the contact channels listed at the bottom of the page.

I like the Duckling Toilet Brush, but do you have the authorization to sell this product?
When selling the Duckling Toilet Brush Set For Toilet along with the rest of our products, we follow all the required rules and laws, so you have nothing to worry about.

Can I trust this store?
You may check the feedback of our previous clients if you wish, and you will see that they had no trouble dealing with us. Furthermore, most of them indicate that our store always tries to do its best to make you satisfied with the purchases.


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Duckling Brush Set For Toilet
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