Make Spring Cleaning Fast and Easy

People tend to think of home cleaning in 3 ways:

Some think of the task as a burden or awfully brutal. For others, it’s always an inconvenience that disrupts one’s schedule, eating up a lot of precious time. Lastly, there are those who view cleaning as simple and even fun to do; and who wouldn’t want to be one of their kind?

Well, you can. Follow these tips on how to make spring cleaning fast and easy and you wouldn’t have to dread cleaning season each time it comes. Also using a home cleaner app would definitely help.

How to make house cleaning easy?

Tip #1.  Hire a professional cleaning service.

Why not leave it to the pros? They know what they’re doing and they can do it so much faster than you can. Think about it. If you’re on a full-time job with not much time and energy to spare, this expense will be well worth the investment.

Instead of spending endless hours cleaning the house, free yourself to spend that day on finishing up an overdue project or better yet, do some unwinding with a loved one.

Tip #2. Declutter and spot clean regularly.

Regular decluttering and spot cleaning makes the annual spring cleaning fast and easy. So, don’t let dirt and mess build up. Clean and clear your home on a weekly (and even daily) basis. Filter junk and rubbish and head them straight to the proper bin. Have a broom and duster nearby for quick access.

Do a fast sweep on the floors and a quick dusting or wiping off surfaces especially after preparing and consuming meals, and after having guests over in your home.

Tip #3. Clean windows blinds the smart way.

Yes indeed. Patience runs low when you start cleaning your window blinds. But there are some good hacks for that. Grab an old, worn-out sock. Put it on. Dip it into your cleaning solution. Press on the top and bottom ( or front and back) sides of your blind and clean both parts in one left to right (or up to down) motion.

Tip #4. Invest in dust mats and shoe racks.

Use dust mats and shoe racks to greatly cut down the volume of dirt that enters your home. Place them along entry points.  You can also place additional mats in other areas especially if you live in a spacious home.

Place once by the kitchen area so you can keep crumbs, drippings, and other cooking mess within the space. You can also have one by the bathroom to contain hair, powder, and other dirt within the area as well.

Have a shoe rack by the door so you and even your guests can easily access and wear your household thongs.

Tip #5. Steam clean your ovens.

Steam is a great way to loosen dirt and release grease and grime build up in your regular oven and microwave oven.

For the microwave, put a bowl of water inside and run it for 2 to 3 minutes. Leave the bowl to steam for 2 to 3 minutes more. Wipe off the interior with non-abrasive and non-porous wipes or rags.

For the regular oven, put a small pot of water inside and run it for 20 minutes or longer, depending on how dirty the interiors are. Leave the pot to steam for longer. Wipe off the interiors with non-abrasive rags, wipes, or sponges.

Tip #6. Quick-scent your home.

There’s something about great smelling scents in the air. It can lighten up the mood, clear the mind, and energize people in the environment.  If you have scented candles or aromatherapy in your home, have it on during spring cleaning day.

Remember, house cleaning can be a simple task to manage. Try these 6 tips to make your next spring cleaning fast and easy.

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