How to ‘corona clean’ your house

Spring is right around the corner, and before you start that spring cleaning you may want to “corona clean” first.

Focus on parts of your home that get the most use.

“You want to pay special attention to the bathroom, your bedroom, the kitchen, the living area and your car, which effectively is an extension of your home,” says Melanie Berliet, chief editor of The Spruce. Centers for Disease Control also recommends folks clean TV remotes, on top of light switches, doorknobs, and other spaces in order to make sure you stay safe.
“You want to clean a surface first before you disinfect,” advises Catherine Roberts of Consumer Reports. Clean with soap and warm water, then disinfect by using chemicals or diluted bleach.If you are taking care of someone sick with this virus or forced to stay inside yourself, the CDC recommends a more rigorous cleaning…and even when you do your laundry, wear disposable gloves.
The experts say the most important thing to do above all is to keep on washing those hands.
“Panic is absolutely not necessary at this point and time,” says Cleveland Clinic infectious disease specialist Dr. Kristin Englund. “Be cautious but use your common sense.”

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